Building a Backyard Barn

About a month ago a friend who works at the Mercedes plant in Tuscaloosa Alabama got enough wood to build a small mansion.

The timbers are huge 5″x6″ and up to 16 feet in length! They were used to ship assembly line robots from Germany to the Mercedes plant.

He knew I needed to shop/shed at the new home in Atlanta, so he loaded up a bushel and brought it to me. What a friend!

Moments after Jerry arrives with the timbers we strapped on our beards(not pictured) and began hacking away.

Materials finally make a late arrival.

Salvaged windows from Northside Material Brokers in Atlanta

Evan and Grace coming in with the paint brushes

Hand carved Birdsmouth joints for the roof joist

Jumping ahead to a finished shop! I hid all lighting behind the beams. Used the scrap to build front step/porch.

wood shop

Bonus popsicle stick version!

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