Channel Lab – Just the best of YouTube for my kids

Channel Lab is an iOS app that is preloaded with only high quality positive(and partially educational) YouTube channels. No YouTube recommendations or ads. Parents can also add channels that they trust and their kids enjoy.

I’ve learned a tremendous amount from YouTube, and I would like my kids to as well. I’m not saying I want them watching math, history and science videos all the time, but there are fun channels that offer lots of new information and are generally high quality positive channels.

But how can I get my kids to watch those channels?

Have you seen what kids watch on YouTube when you give them unrestricted access? Most of my observations are with boys so I will try to summarize what they usually end up watching

  • Non stop high speed narration
  • Gaming
  • Low budget cartoons
  • Unrealistic opulence

What kids watch…

I tried the YouTube Kids app but all it really does is show content made specifically for kids. It seems to be focusing more on safety. Parents have very little control. Channel Lab give parents total curation control.

What I want is to be able to choose the channels that my kids watch. It’s not that complicated.


I decided to run an experiment similar to what I wanted. The plan was to open a new YouTube account and subscribe to just the channels I like that they would be interested in. And it worked really well! It was nice to see them watching higher quality and educational content! Unfortunately with YouTube recommendations it is only a matter of time before they end up on gaming videos again.

So Channel Lab was born! I have enjoyed watching my kids use it and the iterative development process around our needs.

My 9 year old asked me for a 3D printer for Christmas because of some makers he likes to watch on Channel Lab!

If you enjoy Channel Lab please leave a comment and contact me with any feedback.

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