Suggestions For The Coke App

One of the challenges this app has is that it has basically two primary functions. Both are totally unrelated. I think this distinction is important for the user to understand quickly. For one thing, these two separate parts both require scanning of some type. So, not creating a distinction between these parts can create a Coke scanning UI mess.

Keep in mind I’m not aware of the limitations the designers have, so I can’t fairly judge.

These two parts of the Coke app are…

  • Scanning Coke products to gain Rewards or “Experiences” (Navigation items 1,2 and 4)
  • Dealing with these smart drink mixing machines called Freestyles. (Navigation item 3)

The current Coke home screen…
coke app home screen

Rewards? Experiences? I’m confused.

According to the Coke website, things you can win by scanning cans of Coke are called Rewards. Yet when I go to the Rewards screen of the app there is nothing there! They’re calling the list of Rewards “Experiences” just for this app. There has got to be a better way.

Furthermore, the first screen you get(reading left to right) is the blank Rewards page. I believe the list of rewards(currently Experiences) is the most important page and should be first. Not the list of Experiences that 99% of users have none of.

Order is important – Left to right is the standard

Because choosing, scanning and keeping track of rewards is a lengthy flow, it’s important to make the process as streamlined as possible. I recommend the required steps/icons are in order, and not separated by the unrelated Freestyle icon.

One of these items are not like the others

To help clarify the division between the Rewards/Experiences part of the app and the Freestyle part of the app I made a number of changes.

First I moved the Freestyle icon to the end/right so that it is not mixed with the other apps.

Next, I made the icon red to distinguish it from the others. It now looks like the actual Freestyle machine too!

Lastly, I renamed some of the items so that we can clearly see there is a direct association with the Rewards and My Rewards screens. The term Experiences is misleading. I wouldn’t consider a YETI cooler an experience.

My recomendations for more intuitive app navigation…
revised coke app footer

Another Option To Consider

Another challenge this app has is that there is a whole lotta scannin’ goin’ on! You scan Cokes to get rewards, and scan Freestyle machines to manage your favorite mix.

This option better distinguishes those two features and unifies the scanning process. The Rewards screen would be separate tabs like it already has.

With this option after touching SCAN it would ask what you are scanning.

version 2

Where is the Sip & Scan logo?

sip & scan logo

This logo is the heart of this app. It is the exact link between Coke products and this entire scan-for-rewards app flow. It is how the physical world connects to the digital UI. This logo is what users have to find and scan to make this whole thing work.

But it’s nowhere to be found on this entire app!

How do you expect people to know what they are looking for?

The Rewards Experiences Screen

Coke Experience Screen

Tunnel Vision
Imagine what you would see looking up a name in the phone book. Now imagine looking up that name when you can only see 1.5 names at a time. That is what this screen feels like.

Martin knows what I’m talking about…
app review

Each item is way bigger than it needs to be, and you find yourself constantly scrolling up and down to choose a reward to apply your scan to.

This app is loaded with huge stock photography of people hugging and drinking from those cute little candy cane straws.

Photography can be of great help in educating users and helping them through a flow. These photos aren’t helping.

drinking coke

Suicide cult?

I believe the suggestions below would be a dramatic improvement to finding a reward to apply your scan to. Much less scrolling! Cropping photos tighter, using shorter headlines, and going two-column give the items a more appropriate size. Also, don’t make people go to another screen to scan. Show them the code and get scanning!

Coke new UI screen

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