Listen to Originals by N. Guy Ferrell

The above photo is Guy at a Tampa Florida music festival in 1963. The band name was “The Savages.”

I met Guy when I was working in Demopolis. He sold ads for the local newspaper and I designed them. He is an incredible photographer, guitar player, songwriter, and friend.

I think his songs are incredible. I would really like to see them live on and maybe be covered by others someday.

“Memphis is Calling” – My favorite.

“Rock-a-bye Baby” is about three daughters he knew, one had leukemia. But she survived!
I made this video in 2012 in Troy Alabama.

“Alabama Sunset” is about Jane. They were engaged in Palm Beach Florida at one time.

“Yesterday’s Wine” Not an original, but really good!

Below is an email I got from one of Guy’s old bandmates after he came across the old photo atop this blog post…

Hello Aaron,
I am Leroy Eckert a high school friend of Guy Ferrell whom you have posted was a member of The Savages. During that time frame, I was also a musician playing the trumpet. Prior to The Savages, a group of six guys including myself, Guy Ferrell, Dennis Gato, Jimmy Grissett Jeff Wilson, and Gene Glisson were on a band named The Vistas. It operated from 1961 or two through 1964 until myself and Jeff Wilson were drafted into the US Army and sent to Vietnam. In Lieu of joining the army, Jeff and I join the US Air Force and in fact did a year in Vietnam. During the time frame 1962 to 1964 prior to Jeff and I being drafted, The Vistas were one of three premier bands in Tampa along with The Rockers, and The Glades. (I think the Glades were actually from Clearwater) The Vistas play numerous venues in the Florida area spanning from Jacksonville, Bradenton, Sarasota and Auburndaje. We were the front band for what was then known as “Star Spectaculars” We fronted for Jerry Lee Lewis, Brian Hyland, Roy Orbison and other stars who performed at those venues.

Somewhere in my file there is one photo of The Vistas. I will see if I can locate it and send you a copy so maybe you could include it in your blog just for historical purposes. It is my belief, that The Savages were the band that followed utilizing The Vistas’ core members after Jeff and I were drafted. I would have to talk to the fellow named Mike Baier to make sure that’s correct but I believe it is. The Vistas consisted of a trumpet, a tenor sax, an alto saxophone, a base guitar, a rhythm guitar and drums. At times we performed with a Hammond organ and an additional lead guitar. There are no known recordings of our work, Although, we did go in studio one time but I have no idea where that work is today.

Leroy Eckert
Dahlonega, GA

Also, check out some of Guy’s photography!

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