I Recreated MTV! (when they actually played music videos)

Remember when MTV actually played music videos? That is back!

Hit Rewind is an Apple TV app that plays the top music videos grouped by year. It’s kind of a V.2 of Front Row.

A couple problems I noticed with Front Row.

  • Because it’s live music, often the sound quality is not great
  • For the same reason video quality is sometimes not great
  • It’s kinda boring

I decided to solve all these problems by curating music videos instead of full live shows. After choosing a year on your tv you will see the top 80 or so music videos from that year.

I noticed some unexpected perks in using Hit Rewind. Such as…

  • It’s amazing to hear songs I have not heard in like 30 years! You just don’t hear some of these songs anymore.
  • Many users are very surprised to see a video for a song they are very familiar with. They had no idea some of their favorite songs also have video!
  • People really enjoy being the VJ
  • Turn captions on and it becomes a karaoke machine!

I’ve noticed how we are watching these videos for huge hits that we have heard a thousand times, but we’ve never seen the music video! That is so interesting. When you think about it music videos lack a distribution channel.

Today music videos lack a distribution channel

MTV and VH1 don’t play videos anymore. Traditional network television is dying. So under what circumstances would I see the video for Harry Styles #1 song “As It Was”? I’ve heard the song 237 times, but why have I never seen the video? Sure it exist on YouTube, but why would that song appear in my feed?

I think Hit Rewind is a pretty good distribution channel. Hope you do too!

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