Kitchen Design UI Kit for Figma

I always have some kind of creative project going that I’m excited about. If not I can get bored and depressed. I’ve found that these projects fall into one of two categories, web/computer-based or home remodeling. This Kitchen UI kit I built feels like that perfect intersection between those categories.

This started when I was trying to plan new cabinets for my kitchen, and none of the kitchen design apps allowed me to easily adjust the size of cabinets. Figma auto-layout could handle that!

Auto Layout Cabinets

Auto layout maintains drawer and baseboard height.

There are basically two parts to the kit, measuring and designing. After placing the Placeholder component for measuring various elements in your kitchen, it can be easily replaced by high-fidelity appliances and cabinets. Feet translate to pixels times ten. So 43 inches = 430 pixels.


Drop in placeholder boxes. Replace them later.

Varients allow for customization of different kitchen elements.

variants - dark mode

Switching variants – dark mode

Try it today!

Usable tape measure

This usable tape measurer comes in handy!

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