Things you didn't know about Aaron Heine
6. Built and managed the first social cuddling website called CuddleFix. Embarrassed himself on local news after launch.
7. His wife hates Elon Musk. She says Aaron has a “man crush.”
8. Began full-time marketing and rebranding for a small home builder.
The boss attributed the huge rise in sales to Jesus.
9. Wrote and directed a first place film featuring his company CEO and Nick Saban.
10. Has promised everyone an electric car revolution for four years now.
1. Just moved from Tuscaloosa Alabama to Atlanta. Got bored of winning college football national championships.
2. Once thought it a good idea to remodel his entire kitchen alone. Only took three months.
3. Shot over 250 hours of video from his high school and college years. You will never see this video.
4. Went to the Philippines twice. First trip to put in an order for a son. Nine months later to pick them up.
5. Taught english for a year at an “Edutainment” park in Korea.