More List

I think lists are underused by designers. Often times we want to hop directly into Figma and start building. But wait! Slow down cowboy.

Did you know golfers statistically do better when carrying their clubs as opposed to using a cart? That is because they have more time to mentally prepare and strategize for their next shot.

I remember hearing that when designing it’s best to gather all the pieces then arrange them, as opposed to carefully placing each element as you bring it in.

This is like a prequel to that. Gather all the info THEN design.

Here’s is a list of list topics that many projects should consider…

  • What are the primary objectives and in what ways do we hope to provide improvement?
  • What tools do we have? Such as photography, generative apps, animation, code preview.
  • What are the tradeoffs? Weighing advantages over disadvantages when considering a product direction.
  • What features should/could this have?
  • What are some general concepts we should consider.

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