Quarantine Projects

When COVID hit I wasn’t about to sit around and wait it out. No sports for the kids or commuting to work opened up a lot of time!

Flip the wall!

The structure of the shop is made of these huge timbers that really give it a log cabin feel. I wanted more of that. We moved the left wall panels inside the structure so you can see the timbers. You can’t tell from this photo, but the back and right walls still have the timbers on the inside so that when walking in the user visitor will continue to see the timbers.

What looks like a hole in the wall is actually a salvaged piece of 3/4″ bulletproof plexiglass I found at Northside Material Brokers.

Supersize the steps!

Don’t know if this is a porch as much as a glorified step. I wanted it to be curved in a way that brings the visitor around the corner from the sidewalk to the front door.

Build a lowrider!

I didn’t know it was so easy to make fish tanks! Just order the glass and glue it together basically. The black line you see going through the front door in the second photo is how I do water changes. It waters the bushes in the front yard.

Delete that wall!

There was a wall here with a door opening on the right side. Continuing with the large timber feel, Norcross Supply delivered those two 8″x8″ cedar columns. The support on top is two LVL manufactured beams wrapped in cedar. Those span 21ft across! Cross-section drawings of how I planned that.

We need more windows in the shop!

It’s so nice to be able to just cut a hole and stick a window in! Takes like ten minutes. Wish it was that easy on a house. In the GIF below I needed to be able to push longer boards over the table saw and out of the shop. Check out a 360 degree view here.

Sliding shop door

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