The SuperShot 24

A few months ago I was looking into Dispo. Dispo is a photography app that mimics disposable cameras. One of the key features that I really found interesting and I believe to be a big reason for its popularity is that it hides your photos for 24 hours. That is a key element to shooting on a film camera – because of print time, there is a wait then reveal to look forward to.

The concept of replicating a real-world experience from the past on a phone sounds like a fun challenge!

Can the experience of using a film camera be made even more real than Dispo? I’m here to experiment and have fun. Can that “feeling” of shooting and printing a film camera be brought back? Providing the user with the best camera experience is not my priority, I want to turn your iPhone into a $12 disposable camera.

Here are some examples of how I’m pushing skeuomorphism as far as I possibly can…

  • The app is designed with a first-person point of view
  • All messages and alerts are worded as first-person thoughts
  • There is not a traditional navigation UI
  • Car keys trigger alerts similar to a menu
  • There are not screens, there are physical locations
  • Realistic sound effects and animations are used
  • Just like a film camera, winding is required (This has been a challenge to build, but it’s turning out great and something I have never seen on a camera app)
  • Viewing photos on yor phone turns it into a 1992 classic Mac

The Supershot 24
Printing is the only way to see your photos.
This is really the core feature of the app. It is a wacky idea that has never been done before but is true to the mission; create a realistic film camera experience. This is where Dispo leaves off and I pick up. Is it gimmicky? Yea kinda but who cares, this is an experiment.

So at any time, you can print one of your disposable cameras. I have partnered with Wallgreens for the printing. Only after you have picked up your prints will your photos be available in the Supershot app.

There is a free 12 shot camera and a 99¢ 24+3 shot camera for sale.

App store images
Some app store images I’m working on. I doubt Apple will allow them all, but we’ll see.

Download it for iOS!
Please Note: It is a little challenging to figure out, but that is part of the fun.

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