Cool Tesla Branding & UI

Tesla has predictive climate for their cars, but it rarely comes on. Cool Tesla is a climate scheduling web application for those with consistent weekly schedules.

Continental Expedited Services Branding, Marketing & Web Design

CES has been a wonderful client for over 10 years now. All branding, web services, print, and online advertising have been crucial as this small business has quickly become a major cross-border expeditor.

A few of the 17 bilingual handouts for CES services.

Michael Cavanaugh Branding, Marketing & Web Design

Michael wanted a website as exciting as his live concerts. I suggested instantly loading video from his shows!

CuddleFix Branding & UI

CuddleFix is a startup that wants to compete with other similar services by bein more social. It stood apart because all Cuddle Pros and clients had their own accounts, and communicated through the site. I built a social sales platform for CuddleFix that included all UI and branding design.

Blue Bayou Boats Branding & Web Design

Blue Bayou needed a total rebranding as well as a custom boat configurator with hundreds of options.

Action Moves UI & Design

If you don’t meet your daily exercise goal, a donation from your account will be automatically sent to your favorite charity. It pays to stay in shape. I decided to split the app into two sides, left is all exercise related and the right is charity and donation related.

Energy Smart Home Grid Graphic Design

Solar and grid usage, as well as individual appliance usage can be seen. Live monitoring of sun exposure and solar array performance.

Trust Company of Okalahoma WordPress Web Development

Trust needed two things for their website, a conversion to WordPress and a mobile friendly responsive design. Hundreds of articles, press releases and team members made for a very complex wordpress site that had to remain user friendly for the staff to use.

The account management panel.

Responsive Design Animation HTML and CSS

Momentum 3 needed something fancy to sell their mobile redesign services.

See the Pen Desktop to Mobile Transformation by Aaron Heine (@AmIDigital) on CodePen.

Toxic Court Cover Design

Toxic Court is the true story of children who were almost killed by a poorly tested prescription drug. Written by the trial lawyer Curt Daniels. Cover design by Aaron Heine. Published in 2015.

Walden Farms and Permaculture

This Birmingham Alabama organic farm relies on a steady stream of social content to let people know what veggies are ready and keep sales up.