instagram Aaron Heine – Life and designs of a man in Atlanta.

Welcome! I’m a designer living in Atlanta.

Work History

JumpCloud • Product Designer

July 2021 - Present

Howard Capital Management • Designer

October 2019 - April 2021


2015 - September 2019

Randall-Reilly • Marketing and Web Design

September 2012 - December 2015


SuperShot 24

The SuperShot is a fun attempt to replicate the real world experience of buying, shooting and printing a film camera in the 90's.

Kitchen UI

This began with me trying to design my kitchen remodel. It became a Kitchen UI kit on the Figma Community.


Giving caregivers the ideas and the ability to easily encourage kids to be more productive or gain new experiences.

Fun with Tesla

I'm fascinated with Elon Musk's wild goals to do things like transform the world to sustainable energy, and build a colony on Mars. Love him or hate him, his teams have no doubt done an amazing job moving closer to both those goals. Below is some fun I've had with those high tech dreams...

Tesla Climate Scheduler

My wife goes to work at about 5am when it is often very cold.I build this so that owner cars will be at the perfect temperature for their schedule.

SpaceX Mountain

Climbing the half dome of Stone Mountain with the kids kinda felt like we were stepping onto another planet.

Tesla Caraoke Comic

Will one man's obsession with his car tear his family apart, or will it bring them closer together? Caraoke is an actual feature.

Tesla UI Album Art

A prototype that would display larger album art and the back covers also.

Cybertruck x Neuralink

I feel like it's inevitable that Tesla machine learning and A.I. will be used on humans, not just cars. This is a wacky worst case scenario of what that could look like. UPDATE: It's happening! 😳