I’m a product designer, dad, and maker of things.


I’m working with Stanley Black & Decker to rebuild Cribmaster Cloud. We work closely with some of the largest manufacturing companies to make sure 2.0 brings the improvements their users need most.

Side Projects

I’ve fixed my kid’s bad YouTube habits by building Channel Lab. It’s an app that features only the best YouTube artist, makers, and educators.

I’m also looking to improve the amount and quality of music played in our house by utilizing the TV. Front Row is a curated collection of concerts by your favorite artist. Get it on your Apple TV.

I build a similar product as Front Row called Hit Rewind. It's the top music videos grouped by year, kinda like MTV used to be! On the Apple TV only. (We like it much better than Front Row)


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Atlanta Georgia

Atlanta Georgia Map
Electric bike on the beach
My dog
My fish tank
My son Collin in Miami
My Mountain Bike
Building a new floor for my shop
My son Evan swimming under water
Flowers we collected
Kids and colorful lighting in the kitchen
Photo of Aaron Heine
Dirty Aaron
A toy boat s qds
Aaron Heine as a child
Kids drive a remote controlled Cybertruck
Kids find a box turtle
Kids made a strange object
Aaron at the beach
Walking over a log