instagram Aaron Heine – Builder of things.

Welcome! I’m a designer living in Atlanta.

Where I've been...

I have been a hustling freelancer, based out of Tuscaloosa Alabama for the last five years. I'm often leading product development from inception, to launch, and beyond! I've gained valuable business insight from the teams I've worked with, and the successes and failures we've seen. What's the most important lesson I've learned? Let your users be your guide.

Where I'm going...

Now that the family and I are living in Atlanta, I'm looking for more specialized work. Much of what I do has been centered around web design and development, but now I'm looking to code less, and focus on building and improving experiences for people that will genuinely improve their lives.

My Process

01 Listen

What are your needs, problems and goals? What has and hasn’t worked?

02 Brainstorm

This is a great time to really think outside the box. I’ll offer different paths to success and what they would entail.

03 Wireframe

Complex ideas need to be visualized. We’ll use these wireframes to map out ideas and choose directions to follow.

04 Design

Make these ideas come to life with beautiful interactive prototypes and designs for mobile and desktop.

05 Build

For digital interactive products, it’s coding time. Either I handle the front end development or pass it on!

06 Deploy

Test, enhance, launch, support.

Kind Words From A Few Clients

“I had no idea a new website and online advertising could have such an immediate effect! We are now one of the largest home builders in South Alabama.”
George Goodwyn Goodwyn Building
“Thanks for giving my business such a professional modern look. I feel like like I’m competing with the best in the city now! My clients have noticed and commented also!”
Tiff Ward Twist Locs & Coils
“You move quick and understand my style! Thanks for showing me so many ways to reach my audience.”
Michael Cavanaugh Michael Cavanaugh Music